Asians and the Affluent Are Increasingly Likely to Be Born Again

May 30, 2000

(Ventura, CA) More than a half trillion dollars has been spent by Christian churches and parachurch ministries in the past decade. What has happened as a result? One outcome has been a change in the demographic profile of the adults who are born again Christians. As expected, women are more likely than men to be born again; whites comprise three-quarters of the born again segment; and married adults are much more likely than singles to have embraced Jesus Christ as their savior. However, compared to a decade ago the likelihood of being born again has increased significantly among people 50 or older, adults from affluent households, residents of the South, and Asians. And while education was once deemed a detriment to one’s willingness to follow Christ, schooling no longer makes much of a difference in a person’s response to Christ.

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* excerpt posted with permission from Barna Research Online

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