Thoughts on L2’s first Leadership Forum

December 12, 2001

yin-yang ~ pain-bliss = bam!

by Tom Steers, Asian American Ministries of The Navigators

Talk about “yin and yang”…..?


To me the L2 Leadership Forum in San Diego was a huge contrast between pain and bliss.




What spectacular bliss to have an opportunity for Asian American leaders come together for spiritual and relational encouragement!  Leadership is a tough and lonely place sometimes.  Yet, God lavished His love on us as we related, were ministered to, and were well taken care of.  He also zapped our hearts and minds by “recharging” our hope and vision.  His Kingdom work and the advancement of the Gospel depend on quality leaders.  What joy to see His Asian American leaders in place trusting God and using their spheres of influence for new churches, relevancy, church growth, reconciliation, and raising up other leaders.  What bliss to God has raised up Asian American leaders of  excellence….. because good, strong leadership is THE CRITICAL FACTOR for what He wants to do.  This is where the “pain” comes in.




When we as leaders look upon the “crowds and multitudes” of Asian Americans, we cannot but help to be moved with compassion just like Jesus did in Matthew 9:36.  For some of us the compassion has turned into “groaning.”  We “groan” because we “see” about 10 million of the 12 million Asian Americans are still on their way home to our Abba Father.  It’s a painful groan of compassion.  And it’s more painful when we consider those of Asian heritage worldwide that are also “still on their way home.”  In round figures there are 3.5 billion people of Asian descent on this planet.  About three billion, at least, are still needing to find their way home.  That’s half of the world’s population.  Just as Jesus approached  Jerusalem, saw the city, and wept over it, I believe the Spirit of Jesus is leading us today to groan and weep over the unconvinced of Asian descent.  And often, as the Spirit of Jesus gives us eyes to see and groanings to feel, we are led into steps of faith: i.e., action.




The Leadership Forum was also an opportunity for the young to see visions and for the old to dream dreams.  Some of us with ‘gray hair’ having been dreaming for some time.  We would love to see an unbelievable work of God’s grace and Spirit that we have not known before.  Indeed, He is totally able and capable of doing much more than we can ask for or dream about!  Here’s my dream: Someday soon, I would love to see an Asian American Mission Center.


There are many dreams that God can accomplish to those who are yielded to Him, and share the time, talents, and resources He gives to all. L2 Foundation desires to do its part to contribute towards many dreams.

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