Report Published on State of Asian American Ministerial Leadership

September 3, 2005

In Asian American Religious Leadership Today: A Preliminary Inquiry, a team of researchers led by Dr. Timothy Tseng of the American Baptist Seminary of the West examines the current state of Asian American ministerial leadership. While they find that Asian American congregations are thriving, significant challenges remain in successfully integrating Asian Americans into mainstream Christianity while still retaining their cultural integrity. Their report examines Asian American leadership, both Protestant and Roman Catholic, from a variety of perspectives, including first- and second-generation immigrant leadership; Asian American women in ministry; leadership formation; and institutional support. Overall, they find that Asian American ministerial leaders remain marginal and isolated from the mainstream perspective, particularly for women pastors, and that adequate training and support for Asian American pastors is lacking. A comprehensive and empirically based research project is needed to further flesh out the challenges of calling, equipping, supporting, and integrating Asian American ministerial leadership into the mainstream church in America.

Read the Executive Summary (HTML) or download the full report (PDF).

[This project was made possible in part by a grant from L2 Foundation.]

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