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April 20, 2006

Here’s what people are saying about Asian American Youth Ministry :

“Yes! An Asian-American Guide to youth ministry! DJ and his crew explore practical and real ways to engage the Asian-American youth. Read these reflections to understand the unique contextualized ministry among the next generation of global citizens.”

Dave Gibbons, Lead Pastor
NewSong Church, Irvine, CA

“Youth ministry today in general is an astounding challenge to everyone involved or concerned. Ministering to Asian American youth in this rapidly changing culture and world is even more daunting, since there are so many additional critical concerns that come packaged with overseas-thinking parents and church adults and their increasingly Americanized children. This is truly a needed resource for the untold beleaguered youth ministry leader/servants out there who otherwise cannot find any help on the shelves of the typical Christian bookstore. And this is an especially unique resource because it is the collective wisdom of obviously seasoned practitioners from this very perspective. Do your church’s youth minister or lay leader a HUGE favor and give them a copy of this book. Or at least give them a book allowance so they can buy this book themselves!”

Rev. Dr. Ken Fong
Evergreen LA, Rosemead, CA

“… it is a stunning in the breadth and variety of perspectives that are presented here. I am excited to see the dialogue and insight that this collection will bring issues surrounding Asian American youth ministry. Pray that God will use this book to stir in the hearts of those working with these youth to a newer and more profound understanding of their important cultivation of these lives.” — Peter Ong (PaLM Associate Director, Syracuse, NY)

“I have already applied some of the things I’ve learned in this book and have found the book to be helpful in my own work in youth ministry. There’s very much the notion in youth ministry that you are learning to fly the plane as you go, and this book was a much needed resource for me.” — David Park (Next Gener.Asian Church blog, Atlanta, GA)

You can preview the book’s introduction or read more about this book or buy your copy of Asian American Youth Ministry.

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