21 Strategies for Church Planting

October 10, 2007

NAMB’s Church Planting Village has this comprehensive look at 21 different strategies for church planting that can better inform the options available for churches and pastors to consider and to discern a best fit. There’s much to learn from those who’ve gone before us, so we really don’t have to figure out church planting all by ourselves. The PowerPoint slides titled “Twenty-One Church Planting Strategy Designs for the Twenty-first Century” lists these 21 strategies:

  1. Multi-housing-based Church Planting
  2. Portable Church-based church Planting
  3. Team-based Church Planting
  4. Event-based Church Planting
  5. Multi-site Church Planting
  6. Affinity-based Church Planting
  7. Program-based Church Planting
  8. College-based Church Planting
  9. Purpose-Driven-based Church Planting
  10. Minister-of-Missions-based Church Planting
  11. Relation-based Church Planting
  12. Ministry-based Church Planting
  13. Pioneering-based Church Planting
  14. Mother/Daughter-based Church Planting
  15. Cross Cultural-based Church Planting
  16. The Missional Sunday School-based Church Planting
  17. Associational-based Church Planting
  18. Second generation-based Church Planting
  19. Seeker Focused-based Church Planting
  20. The Apprentice-based Church Plant
  21. The High Impact-based Church Plant

There are many other helpful resources there, including:

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