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October 23, 2007

Pastor Paul Hong Cheng heads the only local Chinese church, formed four months ago in Vacaville. Vacaville is approximately 35 miles from Sacramento and 55 miles from San Francisco. Pastor Cheng shared this perspective about reaching the next generation and the future impact of China in this article, Breaking language barriers: Chinese church reaches out to Solano County and beyond (The Reporter)::

“Then I thought, well, maybe this is the beginning,” Cheng said. “You attract the overseas-born-Chinese, they bring their American-born children, and then there are American-born Chinese who we can draw in.”

Now Cheng leads the Chinese version of “Vision of Love,” which holds a service in Mandarin every Sunday for a congregation of about 30 people. The group meets in a room at the First Baptist Church of Vacaville, the same church where Pastor Cheng felt called by God years ago.

Cheng says the Chinese community is growing in Vacaville, and sees the Church’s programs as a way to help American-born Chinese to connect with their cultural roots. He felt the programs would benefit his own three sons.

“I have American-born Chinese children, and I do see that identity is an issue,” Cheng says. “They are pretty much Americanized. But on the other hand, they have roots in their original culture.”

The Church offers Chinese language classes to the community. He points out that employers are often looking for candidates who understand Chinese language and culture.

“China, whether we like it or not, in the next half century or before then, will be a major power,” Cheng said. “Nobody can stop it. The economic power is pushing China to open the door, and because the market size is big, its like 1.3 billion, its’ like 25 percent of the world population. It’s a big market.”

Read the full article for entire context. Also see the Vision of Love church’s website is at volchristian.blogspot.com.

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