Asian American Church Survey Results

March 22, 2007

Of the 300,000 Protestant churches in the United States, an estimated 7,000 churches have a majority attendance of Asians. Many of these congregations reach multiple generations using multiple languages.

Through our partnership between Leadership Network and L2 Foundation, I’m delighted to announce the publication of Asian American Churches: An Introductory Survey! This introductory report provides an overview of the distinctive characteristics and top ministry issues among Asian American churches (including what’s going well, new ministry opportunities being pursued, and key challenges).

A couple of highlights from the churches surveyed:

  • Asian American churches are diversifying ethnically — 79% have at least 10% non-Asians in attendance
  • Active church planting to reach more people — 61% are planning to launch new churches
  • Missionary zeal is evident — 61% send out career missionaries

Download and read the full report. We’d love to get your feedback! How does this compare and contrast with what’s happening in your church?

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Arthur Hsu
March 29th, 2007

I thought that the report was very facinating and encouraging, especially in the areas of outreach and mission. I am an Asian-American and I am currently involved in international student ministry. For the last few years I have been wondering the kind of impact Asian-Americans and their churches might have in reaching out to international students and scholars here in America, especially since many internationals are of Asian descent. With similar cultures, ethnicities, backgrounds, languages, and personalities, I would suggest that Asian-Americans can make a serious dent in the areas of outreach and mission by reaching out to internationals on college campuses. This is a new area in international ministry that has never really been pursued. If there are people out there who would help me process this through I would love to hear from you!


March 31st, 2007

Art, thanks for your comment, and great to hear of your outreach to international students. Ministering to Asian international students has been an important opportunity for decades. Most notably, many Chinese bible study groups started in the 1960s became Chinese churches over time. Many Chinese churches located near colleges and universities often have college bible study groups embedded in its ministry programs.

Arthur Hsu
March 31st, 2007

Hey DJ,

Many of these Chinese churches have 1st generation folks reaching out to Chinese international students and scholars. What I am wondering is how to get the 1.5 and beyond generations to reach out to these same internationals.
September 26th, 2007

revitalizing Asian American churches

The full title of my presentation at the pastors & ministry leaders gathering today was “Revitalizing Asian American Churches for New Generations”. I painted a big picture with statistics about Asian Americans in the United States, and…

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