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February 15, 2007

Pastor Peter Ahn started Metro Community Church in the Fort Lee, New Jersey area, in April 2004 (see launch video). He recently discovered a pastoral insight that is gold:

The disappointing thing is that most pastors in America are leading their church in stark deficiency, and it is not the church that suffers, but it is the pastor and their family. Ministering out of deficiency does violence to our soul. This is why self -care is so vital, not just for pastors, but for every single one of us.

Jesus calls us all to be ministers in the sense of being bearers of his good light. And when we don’t take care of ourselves then the light that shines through us becomes ever dimmer. I see the lack of self-care amongst our generation as an epidemic that is slowly decaying our soul. Our companies today require us to work exhaustive hours, and for many of us we don’t think twice about what that might mean to our overall well-being. Because of the task, our relationships with the people who love us become secondary at best. As people, it is much easier to focus on the task rather than the relationships. That is why so many marriages and other family relationships are hanging on its last leg.

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