Christian resurgence among Asian Americans

February 23, 2007

Tim Challies’ noted the presence of Asian Americans at the recent Resolved conference in his post-event reflections:

There is clearly a resurgence of Christianity among the Asian-American population. As John Piper said yesterday, God is clearly doing a work and is preparing to do a great work in and through these people. And I pray He does. I very much enjoyed meeting many of these people and rejoice in new friendships. (Here is what is no doubt a politically-incorrect aside, but I hope someone, and hopefully one of my Asian-American friends, can help me out. Why do Asians move in groups? We Caucasian folk tend to move and to hang out in twos; maybe threes. Asians seem to roam around in packs of six or eight or ten. What gives?)

I won’t make a social commentary on the social migration patterns of Anglos vs. Asians, but it is encouraging to hear of Christianity’s growth among Asian Americans. I’d like to see how that plays out in the development of Asian American Christian leaders and how we’ll see more Asian faces on the platform at mainstream Christian evangelical conferences.

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February 23rd, 2007

i agree, i would also say there is a growth in asian-american who are looking at being part of communities that are not necessarily mono-cultural but pan-asian or multicultural.

now i am sure this quote is taken out of context, but it did strike me as a little bit unaware of historical power dynamics and cultural norms. some of my responses would be, “because YOU can walk in small groups” or “We do?” ;-). joking about race issues is always a delicate balance when one is white, i know, but from up-front leadership, i would expect more. but again, you know i always gotta bring it back to race 😉

Wayne Park
April 30th, 2007

There does seem to be a little bit of a bite to that statemt: “Why do you guys move around in packs like that” but at any rate.
Asians operate from a communal worldview. we’re still non-Western in that respect. Westerners are individualistic, more nuclear-family oriented. COmmunity means two very different things for “westernized” Americans and Asian-Americans.

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