Christianity and the Chinese people

July 16, 2007

Sociology of Religion: A Quarterly Review (Volume 67, Number 2; Summer 2006) had a special issue on the topic of: CONVERSION TO CHRISTIANITY AMONG THE CHINESE, edited by Fenggang Yang and Joseph B. Tamney. A number of interesting topics were explored:

  • Exploring Mass Conversion to Christianity among the Chinese: An Introduction
  • Social and Cultural Contexts in Conversion to Christianity among Chinese American College Students
  • How Religious Organizations Influence Chinese Conversion to Evangelical Protestantism in the United States
  • Favor Fishing and Punch-Bowl Christians: Ritual and Conversion in a Chinese Protestant Church
  • More Than Evangelical and Ethnic: The Ecological Factor in Chinese Conversion to Christianity in the United States
  • Conversion to Protestantism among Urban Immigrants in Taiwan

Its content are not readily available online, so you’ll probably need to visit an academic library to read these articles.

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