Church Planting to Reach Asian People Groups

October 31, 2007

According to the October 30th issue of The Tool Shed, the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention‘s newsletter for church planting partners, Asian people groups are the fastest growing ethnicity (percentage-wise) in North America and in Texas. The newsletter links over to Church Planting Village‘s introductory articles about church planting to reach Asians:

Nearly 2,000 Baptist congregations have been established among the Asians, and more are envisioned for the twenty-first century. An example of this is the more than 700 Korean congregations and the more than 180 Filipino churches across North America. Yet great opportunities still exist. Southern Baptists face a dynamic challenge in the United States and Canada to reach out to both foreign-born and American-born Asians.

Overviews of pecific people group in North America include: Asians in America, Asian Indian, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hmong Americans, Indonesians, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Vietnamese, and Second-Generation Asians in North America.

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Thian Za Vum
December 13th, 2007

My name is Thian Za Vum. I live in Myanmar. I am very touch by God to do His ministry by doing a new church planter in my country Myanmar. Therefore, I honestly ask your ministry to have a consideration on my request.

Brother in Christ

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