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January 5, 2007

Urbana 06, the triennial Student Missions Convention, closed out the year of 2006 by gathering over 22,000 people, inspiring them to live out their calling. Historically, Urbana has been a catalyst for all kinds of decisions and new activities, even among Asian North Americans. For us at L2 Foundation, our launch team and founding board were there at Urbana 2000 and that marked the beginning of our efforts to developing Asian American leadership & legacy.

As we consider what the next generation of leaders and the churches they’ll inhabit, perhaps this convention gives us a preview of a more of what is coming: This recent Christian Post article, Multiculturalism: The Next Generation of Churches, rightly notes that:

Multiculturalism is not an unfamiliar subject among college students today nor is it an uncomfortable issue to address. Students at Urbana 2006 represent 144 countries but act as any other homogeneous church would. Ethnic diversity in the Christian context is not as easy for their parents’ generation. … “People tell us Christian can’t meet across denominational boundaries … and racial divisions,” Urbana emcee Greg Jao told students Saturday night. “This conference proves them wrong.” The statement was met by cheers and applause from the more than 22,000 attendants. … “The next generation of churches is going to look totally different.”

How much ethnic diversity showed up at Urbana? The Urbana Today newspaper, Dec. 28 edition (PDF) reported these registration statistics: “At this year’s Urbana , 60 percent of the attendees are Caucasian. The next highest ethnicity is Asian, with 29 percent. Six percent are Black, three percent are Hispanic, and the remaining two plus percent are made up of various ethnicities.”

Click over to the Urbana 06 webcast to listen and view the plenary sessions. If you were at Urbana 06, we’d love to hear how you were inspired and what you were motivated to do with your life. How will you live out your calling as a part of the next generation of churches?

A great blog, Next Gener.Asian Church, explores what churches for the next generation will look like, particular for Asian North Americans. And, they’re hosting the Next Gener.Asian Church Skypecast on Sunday, January 21st – 9:00pm (Eastern) / 6:00pm (Pacific). The topic will be: Is the Asian American church — necessary, optional, or simply an unhealthy diversion? Read more over at Next Gener.Asian Church.

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January 6th, 2007

best talk at Urbana

According to Soong-Chan Rah, the best talk at Urbana was by Pastor Oscar Muriu. Excellent Global perspective b/c Christianity’s center of gravity is indeed NOT in the United States.

I still like Rick Warren, even though he stayed with his purpos…

January 7th, 2007

I just posted some thought on the asian american church. I’m surprised that only 3% of attendees at Urbana were Hispanic. According to the census bureau in 2000, they made up 24% of the US population. 3%? Something is amiss.

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