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October 16, 2007

DJ Chuang (executive director of L2 Foundation) will be hosting a conversational talk-back (conference call) about my 9/26 presentation “Revitalizing Asian American Churches for New Generations“, courtesy of Mark your calendar for this Sunday, October 21st, 6-7pm Pacific / 9-10pm Eastern. Here’s the dial-in info:

Phone Number: 724-444-7444
Talkcast ID: 60596

You can dial-in using your free nights & weekend minutes on your cell phone, dial-in via Skype Out, or use the free ShoePhone software. If you don’t want to ask questions, you can listen in on the live streamed audio at the Talkcast page by clicking on the “Listen Only” link there.

When the presentation was made to over 150 pastors and ministry leaders a few weeks ago, it generated a lively Q&A time afterward. This talk-back (conference call) is another opportunity to go deeper on those conversations. I’ll quick review the presentation in 10 minutes or less, and give us at least 45 minutes for discussions!

Dial-in this Sunday; I look forward to talking with you and many others! Spread the word!

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