English Ministry (EM) Pastors’ Conference

January 29, 2007

Here at the 8th annual English Ministry Pastors’ Conference in Anahiem, running from tonight (Monday) until Wednesday noon. I’m here to learn what is happening with English ministries in Korean American churches. There are over 100 EM pastors from all around the country. It’s the first time they’ve held the conference on the West Coast; in the past 7 years, the annual conference has been on the East Coast. I think this is the only annual conference like this, one that specifically serves (2nd generation) English-speaking Korean-Asian American pastors. For the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) denomination’s Korean ministries to continuing to hold this space for EM pastors is commendable. I’m told that a majority of the attendees are serving in English ministries within an intergenerational Korean churches, but there are at least a dozen independent English-speaking churches too. The hospitality has been absolutely lavish, and the fellowship is sweet.

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Eric Swanson
July 25th, 2007

I’m a short term missionary in South Korea and I was hired by a church here to start an English ministry. I know I need to help with conversational skills, but any advice about what to do would be greatly appreciated.

August 2nd, 2007

Eric, sounds like you’ve got quite an opportunity there. As a short-termer, my main advice would be to work on building a team so that together you can build a framework for running an English ministry. Typically, it’d be to coordinate a number of leaders to run a weekly worship service, and then additional programs can grow from there.

Rev.Dr.Mbamba Aristide Guillaume
August 8th, 2007

Greetings in Christ.
Is great to see what you and your ministry is doing for the churches leaders to get train and build up for the work of the lord.I am interested and I will like to send some of our African leaders for training in your ministry.
when is you nest coming event and what it takes to attend?
Bishop Mbamba Aristide Guillaume

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