Growing Healthy Asian American Churches

January 3, 2007

One of the most notable books published in 2006 was Growing Healthy Asian American Churches (edited by Peter Cha, Helen Lee, and Steve Kang; published by InterVarsity Press.) I hosted a chapter-by-chapter book discussion at my personal website and linked to others who were part of our ‘online book club.’ One of the things I wrote about the book was:

The book is a richly meaningful read, and I believe it is a seminal book not only for Asian Americans, but for its attempt to wrestle with the church’s orthodoxy and orthopraxy in an ethnic context. Too often theology is done with unstated ethnic-cultural assumptions from a Euro-centric perspective, and I think there’s great value unearthed by the book to take a look at not only theology in an intellectual abstract, but also the very human ethnic-cultural context.

Since that time, a few others have chimed in with a few of their concerns: Tim Tseng shared his concerns about most of the contributors being “too negative about first generation culture.” Geoff Chang’s wrote a thorough book review, noting the difficulties that Asian American churches face today. Geoff commends the book for providing cultural insights and a vision for healthy churches that goes beyond pragmatism and numerical church growth, but expressed concern for its “lack of clarity about the message of the Gospel,” “disconnectedness from the rest of Christianity,” and “weak ecclesiology.” Read his full review.

What do you think? In what ways did you find the book helpful? What perspectives do you wish to add?

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January 7th, 2007

I just posted an entry on my thoughts about the asian american church. I’m calling into question if it should even exist.

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