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March 26, 2007

I’ve run into Jamie Kim from time to time at conferences, and recently caught up with him about his latest efforts in mobilizing Asian Americans for Kingdom impact. Dr. Jamie Kim is the OMF International’s Asian-American Missions Mobilizer and North Korea consultant, as well as Director of REAH International. Here’s the interview:

Q: Please share with us about your ministry and what REAH International is all about.

Jamie: Reah International’s vision is to empower the people of DPRK with viable and sustainable long-term projects inside. Our mission statement is: Reah exists to serve frontier field workers in North Korea by facilitating the matching of provision, people, prayer, and project support services.

Q: What are the most critical needs in North Korea?

Jamie: North Korea has a lot of natural and human resources which it can offer to the rest of the world. It desires to partner with businesses, for mutual benefit, to export these resources to meet the world’s demands. Moreover, it has a very negative reputation in the international community. DPRK needs good-will ambassadors to help educate the rest of the world about some of the good things that are happening inside.

Q: How will the Empower 2007 conference help people in North Korea?

Jamie: Empower 07 will help the people in North Korea by allowing the outside world realize that there is a window of opportunity to come along side the people of DPRK to develop its resources. Although limited, DPRK is open for people to do business, education, health care, and other opportunities.

Q: What kind of people and skills does REAH specifically need for North Korea?

Jamie: We need attorneys, accountants, businessmen and women, IT experts, and certified English teachers, to name a few of the needs. Most of all, we need people who will not quit praying and endeavoring for this country.

Q: How are 2nd generation English-speaking Asian Americans uniquely positioned to participate in the work that REAH is doing?

Jamie: Second generation English-speaking Asian Americans are well educated and skilled to develop the infrastructure of such a country like DPRK. Since the great famine in the mid to late nineties, the basic infrastructure of DPRK has been destroyed. They need professionals to partner with them to engage the rest of the world. The time for name-calling is finished. Calling DPRK the “Axis of Evil” and calling America, “the Devil” does not help anybody, unless they want to go to war. Instead of fighting, we need to dialogue and build bridges.

Has this stirred your heart and soul? Learn more by attending the Empower 07 conference this Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. Early registration discounts before April 24.

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April 2nd, 2007

Thank you, DJ, for this interview.

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