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August 29, 2007

In this letter from Henry Koh, Coordinator of Korean Ministries for Mission to North America in the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America), he announced that Sarang Community Church Offers Financial Support to First-Time Multiethnic Church Planters::

… Sarang Community Church of Southern California has set aside $50,000.00 per year to help Korean second generation and other minority church planters–up to $500 per month for the period of 30 months for those who went through church planting assessment and endorsed by the Mission to North America in the PCA. I am praying more churches will start to offer such a fund to help second generation church planters with vision to reach America and the world.

Please let me hear from you if you interested in church planting and want to know about how to take church planting assessment and the procedure to applying for the fund. You may email me at or contact me by phone at 678-825-1221.

Read the entire letter for full context. Encouraging to see a church and denomination recognize the potential of second generation Korean and Asian American pastors to reach people of all ethnicities in multiethnic America with the Gospel, and putting real financial support behind this conviction. With $50,000 per year distributed at the rate described above, this amount can support more than 8 church plants at a time.

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Thian Za Vum
December 11th, 2007

I am called by to do His ministry through church planting. I have been searching where I can find. But now I have found from your website. I believe that we will go in hand in hand by doing church planting in Myanmar.

Brother in Christ,

January 16th, 2009

I really needs your prayer support and work with your ministry for the lord jesus christ. Because recently I planted one church in the heart of the Hindu area at Imphal city north east India . But now we are i n great need of churh building for the worship place.please kindly concerned to us. we are eagerly looking your response

Rev.HaraPrasad Mahakuda
May 4th, 2009

Dear sir,

I am rev Hara prasad chief functionary of North India mission an charitable organization. My vision and mission is to reach out North india for christ which is most unreached part of country India.I need your co oporation and help to fulfill my vision and achive my mission in India.

if you please give your suggetion and answer on this request i will be happy to accept it . yours in Christ.

rev. Hara prasad

June 17th, 2009

Request addressed to Multi ethnic church planting..

Greetings Brothers/Sisters in Christ.

I am writting from Togo Africa. I visited your Web page and hope you could help in our program of church planting. We have yet in this country, people who are not yet touched by the Gospel, who yet worship fetishes of their idols. Please we would like to have your interest in helping us financially to move through them and plant the church within different ethnic group untouched.
We expect the best and blessings
God bless you. Rev Daniel Kanyandekwe

church planting Fund,

June 25, 2009
Greetings to you in the wonderful mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ…Thanks for your kind assistance to build the kingdom of God.
Please help my Church
I am Pastor Ranjith Mallawarachchi. I am frome sri lanka. Iam Doing Free Church. I am church pastor. I can’t too much English. i am doing 3 plases service. Ampara two plase and Batticalo district my places. This tamil people war damage .my service have top war area eastern province. My church Have 7 workers. I want all country doing evangelical service. I like your country with friend ship. We are praying. I like do work joing with your church. Sir Sri lanka have beutifull Plase. Please come see my country. i want support my Evangelical service. I am pray, I want my service support. i want friend ship with pastor. i hope your mail. Sir I am living rent house. I have no morter bike. Workers No bicycale. I am long time walking 5-9 miles for visiting. 2 places service doing under the tree.this people are very poor. They have no foods, houses, and clinic, job and children school items. Some children have malaria,fever. No clean water. I have no church building. Building no Sri Lanka buddist people very problems. I have 2 children. My wife doing Sunday service. We are living very difficult. This time too much tamil people die. I like help this tamil people. But I have no money. Sir can you support me Evangelical service doing all city no Motorcycle. Sir you think how much can give me in JESUS. I don’t want too much .you give me small something in JESUS give for you too much blessing.
Sir you can any time Seek my service. You Come my country I am very happy Sir. Please help me make my Church Building. Sir Please can you immediate help for war poor need Tamil people in northern Sri lanka. (Food, school items, cloth, shelter and baby bottle.) These areas daily die small children. Can you give very small help May God bless you!



PONE: 94+63 222 3299
E –mail:

EV stephen Nazir
July 15th, 2009

Dear Brothers and sisers ,

i am from pakistan . we are a group and team of gospel sharers amongs the communities to save the siners for the eternal life .

we need funds for church building and ministry runing .

God is using us fro his glory every day .

we have long term preparing youngsters for the church leadership.

we need your help to take part with us in finances .

please contact back for furthur enquiry .

Ev Stephen NAzir .

JOhsua Ministries pakistan .

cell 92-0305-7457048.

July 31st, 2009



Andrew (Anil kumar SIngh)
August 6th, 2009

I was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ on 15th August 1998. Since then I have a fire to work for God. Now I totaly fedup with worldly Jobs. I want to serve for God in a very high spiritual environment. For this I am going to continuesly pray to Jesus for 40 days in fasting. I only worried about my family. Kindly help me financially if possible. MY State Bank of India A/C No is 20011524626. Please contact me on

May God Bless you.

August 13th, 2009

Dear friend I am Nabin pastor in church since 13 years. Married with hannaha and we couple have 3 children. Our church is first establisment church in our Surkeht valley. We have 11 branch churches in himalayan districts. we have vision to do ministry among the widows, old n children home and also suppurting the evangelist, church building fund, hospital nursing home and scholarship program to product quality student for His glroy.
Please pray for our church ministry.

Nabin Darlami.
Christia Church Itram 7 Surkhet Mid West nepal.

September 22nd, 2009

(Women`s Ministries)

Ref:0/001/2009. Date: September 4, 2009.


My Dear Beloved Benefactor,

Sub:- Literature on your activities involving Indian Christian Organisations Participation-Requested-Regarding.

Holy Greetings in the Wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ our blessed Saviour and soon coming King. I am Blessed by the Lord to obtain your Blessed address and inspired by the spirit to contct you in my deep fasted prayers. Lord has been directed me to contact you and thereby I m contacting you in His High name. PRAISE THE LORD.
Let me kindly introduce in the name of Christ that I am an independent Evangelist and social worker promoting Christian faith to the un-reached people especially backward castes who are 100% un-reached people and make them to be united in the Kingdom of God and caring a small church which is true alive of God.
We are truly inspired by your dedicated activities and kindly take part of your invitation with our SGSS to implement your activities in India. Please share your aimed objects with our SGSS regard to spread the Kingdom of Lord Jesus Christ among great mass of backward communities which consists 60% of total population and 100% isolated from Gospel. Kindly send us the following information:-
– Information on your grant making policy with guidelines with prescribed application form, priority program areas, limitations and timeset.
We are sincerely looking for your guidelines and application form along with informational brochure to put our request before your table and obtain your kind help for which act of kindness we will ever remain grateful to your esteemed cooperation.

Thanking you in the Wonderful name of Jesus Christ.
In His Service

January 12th, 2010

i work last 5 year with my local church as youth and sunday school teache and just finish my Rev. Traning . i would like to request you please help me and my people in Pakistan for church and school duilding… here in pakistan is not easy to pratic and live as christan we realy need help from out brother and sister in Christ .
if any buddy know any other resource please mail me adress . i realy want help for my christan people in pakistan..

Your Brother in Christ
James Hamid

January 13th, 2010

Iam joshua from chennai in India.doing ministry in india.we do hospital ministry,village ministry,open air ministry,24 hour chain prayer 1 day in a month,bible college ministry(evening),childrens ministry…and so on.our church is an independent church has 4 branch church.2 in village and 2 in city.we need funds to carry the lord’s work in chennai.our church name is Word of God Church(religious & charitable trust reg.1999)

January 18th, 2010

Dear Sir
Greetings in Jesus most Holy and precious name
Myself Pastor P.K. Nayak from Kandhamal district,Orissa,India.I would like to approach you few words regarding ministerial support. Before that I want to mention few lines about our ministry here, for your kind information. We have church planting and gospel outreach team here and 35 pastors and 25 evangelists (total 60) work with us. I work as a team leader.By the grace of God the gospel was spreading and many people were coming to the Lord.By the grace of God we were able to plant 50 churches.The pastors and evangelists were supported by the local churches and donors.We work here since last 10 years. After the communal riot in Orissa and severely in Kandhamal,Ganjam and Gajapati districts, all the believers lost everything.Their houses were burnt and their possessions were looted. Most of our churches were in these three districts. Now the local donors and believers are unable to help the pastors, because they themselves are struggling to survive.The pastors and evangelists are starving and they can‘t work properly now.Therefore now we seek pastoral supports.
Sir would you help us in this critical situation kindly ?
If you want to know more about our ministry here or you want to visit our fields, kindly let me know please.If you have any specific form for proposal submit,kindly send us.
Thanking you very much for concerning our request.
Pastor P. K. Nayak
Team Leader
Immanuel Churches Orissa.

March 12th, 2010

I have a vision to win 8000 souls in my wholelife amoung the defferent communities.
I have a building for wership, which is not completed due to finencial difficulties.we have got the land with very difficulties.
If God talk to you to assist the shalom missanary ministries.I have pleasure to expect your link.visit once my place and observe my real situation before you help me

please pray for me.

In His service,
Pastor K.Manoharan

S. Suna
March 12th, 2010

Dear Brother/sister,

greetings to you in Jesus Name!

As I was surfing your website I felt to comment some thing about your offer for church planters. If you are really mean it than God will chanalize you as a blessings to many and the kingdom of God will exten on this earth through your prayers & supports.

Well our organization CALVARY MISSION INDIA is doing church planting and Holistic ministry in Orissa, Chhatishgarh & Rajasthan states in INDIA. We’re new group doing the ministry since 2000. God has blessed our ministry. We have 30 congregations so far and we seek & pray for having resources and fund to acomplish our goal for planting churches in Verious places in Orissa, Chhatishgarh & Rajasthan in India.

if you feel God is guiding you to support our ministry then please contact us:

Thank You,
Serving the Lord with You
Bro. S. Suna
Calvary Mission India Charitable Trust
Orissa (INDIA)

March 12th, 2010

Rev.K.Daniel OUR
Salem South india.

Respected Brothers/ sisters.
Greetings to you in the most high name of the Lord jesus christ.

I am pastor daniel from salem south india. The Lord called me for HIS service in 1982.I obeyed the called after many denaied.
The almighty god used me in church planting ministr. Especially i got vision for the rural. The indian villages are uncivilized and more illetrate. so most of the ministrers are not move here.
Past five years we are doing the rural church planting ministry, sofar we planted 11 churches in the villages by the spirit of god.
We do the care for dropped widows, these widows are dropped by their children because of they accepted christ as their personal saviour.We care 7 aged widows.
In village we do the children feeding once a month . 300 children were blessed.we supplied school note books also.
Our vision is to establish 15 more churches(house prayer fellowship)before 2015.please do pray for us to done.
There are five associate pastors are with me in our mission.Our ministry name is DOORS OF INDIA MINISTRIES. SALEM, TAMILNADU INDIA.Please pray and support us for the KINGDOM BUILD IN INDIAN VILLAGES.


Chittranjan Polson
March 29th, 2010


Having gone through your website I found it to be very challenging.

We are a registered trust “Karuna Bhjarat”in central India.

God has given us 500+ souls within past 2 years most of them are slum dwellers. They meet in 7 locations in their houses since we do not have any shelter/building.

We are also ministering 100+ HIV affected families. They meet regularly and worship the Lord.

we 12 servants are doing the mission without any regular support from anywhere. we are looking for some partnership, a “covering”,. Please pray.


Rev. Chittranjan Polson
Karuna Bharat
Nagpur, India

cell +91 9035421542


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