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July 6, 2007

Just found out that EFC Music Ministry is going on Restoration Project tour this summer at a dozen locations in Northern California, Southern California, and Arizona. (EFC is the Evangelical Formosan Church denomination, which has its own seminary, Logos Evangelical Seminary.) This looks like quite an effort, that could be a means to cultivate original worship music that’s contextualized for Asian Americans.

Do you know of other worship music ministries that are intentionally reaching Asian Americans?

[update] I was able to get in touch with Eddie Sun, one of the coordinators for the tour, and he responded to this interview while on tour in Northern California:

Q: What inspired the EFC music ministry to go on tour?
A: EFC Music Ministry’s inspiration to go out tour partly due to the immense need of the many smaller struggling efc churches around the U.S.. It was the hope that my church being the “mother/grandmother church” could do something to help the 2nd generation in those churches which may not have a very established and stable English ministry. In a sense, it is a “Missions Trip” to reach the 2nd generation Asian-Americans who are leaving 1st generation churches – known as the “Silent Exodus” (as you would know). It started with just EFC churches, but has since opened up to other non-EFC Asian churches.

Q: What do you hope to see happen as your music team goes on tour?
A: There is a 2-fold purpose – to minister, outreach, and evangelize among the 2nd generation within immigrant churches, and to build-up and equip our own team members to become future leaders within our own church.

Q: How much original music does this ministry create that ministers to Asian Americans, vs. playing popular Christian worship music like Dave Crowder or Chris Tomlin?
A: Each member is required to write an original piece of music, and presents their piece after sharing their own personal testimony as we travel around to different churches. The music in the musical itself is all original. Both the drama and music is written by the same member of my church for the past 3 years. For the worship sets both before and after the drama, we just use typical worship songs that each church is already familiar with so that the congregation could participate in the worship.

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