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February 12, 2007

The Special 2006 Issue of Outreach Magazine featured the Top 100 fastest-growing churches in the United States, with an article about Sarang Community Church (Anaheim, California) and Pastor Daniel Kim, titled “Kingdom Dreamers”, subtitled “A New Paradigm for Inter-Generational Ministry” (PDF).

Sarang pastor Daniel Kim

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Sarang applies an innovative approach, combining the three generations during a monthly worship service, in discipleship training and on the mission field.

Though each generation usually meets separately for its age-friendly services and programs, every month the church holds a “vision service,” where all three generations come together for corporate worship. To accommodate both Korean- and English-speaking members, the church staff works to creatively provide translation in both languages without using actual translators.

and this excerpt describes its discipleship:

Sarang members are encouraged to cultivate the spiritual disciplines of daily prayer and Bible study through activities such as morning prayer services beginning at dawn. More than 1,600 people attend a recent 20-day prayer marathon. The church also offers discipleship classes, but members must make a three-year commitment to complete them.

How do you think this paradigm reaches people who are far from God? Are there some other ways to uphold family values within the Asian American church?

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