okay not to be a senior pastor

February 27, 2007

Heeding your personal calling can be hard work to find for some people, especially those who are pastoring. This Leadership Journal article, “From First Chair to Second Fiddle: Your calling to ministry may lead from senior pastor to associate” gives gracious and practical wisdom towards discerning a pastorate fit:

The senior pastor role is typically equated with the greatest opportunity for authority and impact. But is it?

A recent online poll by a major newspaper found that, in the business world at least, an overwhelming 75 percent of respondents did not want to be the boss in their work setting.

Here are the stories of three ministry leaders who had a taste of life at the top but realized that not only did they not want to be the boss, they were actually better suited for a supporting role. As a result, they took a step down the ladder, and ended up where they felt God wanted them.

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