Q day 2 afternoon session

April 26, 2007

Michael Lindsay | a new kind of leader

author of Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite [sorry, missed this session b/c I was having a great lunch discussion with Bethany Hoang from IJM along with her husband Anthony]

Susan Grant (CNN) | media @ 1:22pm

re: interactive features about the Virginia Tech tragedy — we posted online what people saw.. iReport.. our version of citizen journalism..

re: tension between church and media, feeling unfair portrayal or over-negativity — yes, we’re a business, but what does that mean? we’re not a retail business.. we’re not selling a point of view.. [we do our best to stay on] the focus on the fact, tell the story, the human element, is it relevant.. being online, the viewer/ reader gets to pick, and select.. on the air, CNN decides..

re: future — you might consume news in front of a big screen TV.. or you might get news via mobile device.. you have a choice, we’re taking the position of neutrality, to get you the news any way you want.. CNN is one of the first to go 24 hours, go online with website, added multilingual.. not only one thought process.. conversations at work are highly debated.. creative tension.. we don’t always agree.. we do a lot of second-guessing..

re: we have bloggers in the audience, how do you frame your relationship with them — in the business world, competitors can be competitors.. can be who we work with.. competitors can be our friends.. more points of view.. more ways to get to the fact.. that is a better world.. part of our responsibility..

re: how Ted Turner created the CNN culture — culture started as very entrepreneural.. he’s a fascinating complex person.. least likely person to create a whole revolution in news.. now we’re 27 years old.. we’ve had to become more formal, disciplined, structured..

re: a sensational news item like Anna Nicole Smith — instant data is online.. we do have more reach with CNN than any other competitor.. but another competitor might have more stickness.. it’s about choices.. we do want to be fast [with news delivery].. if people want certain kind of news, we want to deliver it.. in the linear world of television, it plays out linear over time.. but online, people can select only what they want to see.. so I don’t have to ever click on a Britney article, for example..

re: how to have a great role in media — we look at 24 hours as 24 hours.. every day we have 24 hours of news to tell the world about.. what is important.. who should we put on air as contributors.. every show has a producer who is responsible for their hour.. we want a diversity of thought, diversity of point of view.. we’re not married to a few contributors.. we do want people who the audience wants to tune in to see..

we’re not a soapbox.. we do have an editorial standard.. our point of view is to cover the things that are happening in the world, that we think are reaching a broad range of people.. as journalists, our role is to ask questions, not to question you, but to take the point of the view of the audience, and what they’d want to ask.. to clarify.. to understand..

Jon Passavant | model home project – interview with Gabe Lyons

Model Home Project brought a group of models, mostly non-Christians, to build homes for Katrina victims.. learned so much serving with these models.. modeling can be a very insular inward-looking industry.. a number of them (those who worked on the project) began to find hope.. one model said, “this has been the most meaningful thing I’ve ever done”..

Q: what was the role of the local church, when you went through this process? A: it’s been a dark 5 year process.. I can say that this is a success story of how the church got behind someone.. I wrestled with being a pastor, and when that didn’t happen, I felt lost.. the church came along side to validate, to affirm.. it freed me to be there for the people [in the modeling industry].. to build relationships and trust.. start with what they know.. start with what they have.. and when the task is accomplished, they will say we have done it ourselves.. that indicates ownership..

Q: if you could say something to churches, what could church do to better support

A: God implants calling.. I’d cried out in the church for affirmation.. as church leaders, if you want to affect culture, you have lots of people in your church who will do it.. they’re going to do it with or without your support, because they’re called.. support the people already in front of us (you)..

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