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April 27, 2007

Gabe: any idea can gain traction and go forward… if you’re not real creative and you hear something that resonates, connect with them, maybe there’s a way to partner.. [the Q team selected stories from Q attendees to talk about exciting things they’re doing to impact culture, each for 3 minutes or less]

Daniel: run an org called The Passport.. help individuals to apply skllls sets to fight injustices around the world.. help communicate the issues in a way people can understand.. to help leaders get their people engaged on a bigger issue.. e.g. project “drop dead gorgeous” – how makeup can help people.. the arts expands imagination..

www.tarpaulinart.org: artists in New York City working on the leading edge.. to invent the language and form that the culture uses for creating art.. want to build a network community of churches to help us do this better.. not to create art.. content without form is propaganda.. connected with International Arts Movement

Sarah Cunningham, author of Dear Church: Letters From a Disillusioned Generation: even though the church is the hope of the world.. book I’ve written “Dear Church”.. if you’re a seasoned leader, you’ve already gone the long haul.. if you can help your young teens that disappointment is a part of the rhythm life.. when those dark moments, God sometimes teach us things that we don’t look at in the light.. we cannot afford the luxury of being cynical long-term.. nothing is worth kingdom loss.. see www.dearchurch.com

Mark Batterson: tells the story of National Community Church and Ebenezers Coffeehouse in 3 minutes pronto. amazing impeccible timing.

a community pastor at Grace Chapel in Portland, Oregon talked about a couple of projects they do.. in order to create culture, you have to have influence.. every community has hubs of influence..

“what makes us human? the ability to choose”

“the gift of the do” take an idea and go do it, succeed or fail..

Alpha course = a meal + a talk + a small group discussion

Kevin Kelly | where we go from here @ 12:15pm

I had never seen Christianity and culture.. to think about the future.. I came here with great interest.. Christianity as a body, Christ is so much larger than we imagined.. so much more global.. so much more full of possiblities than we normally associate with it.. at times it may be overwhelming, so infinite, so many choices, so many freedoms.. every church can be different.. there should be a variety of species of churches.. that makes it very different to decide on what to do next..

quotes Peter Drucker about this new world.. in the industrial age was about doing your job right.. in a new world of infinite possibilities, it’s about doing the right thing.. doing things well is important, more important is doing the right thing, the right assignment.. it requires us going inside, check the heart, discern calling..

refers to “Good to Great” by Jim Collins.. core values never changed, everything else about that company is constantly in flux..

Christianity has done a lot to look back in history.. developed archeology.. it has done a lot to deal with the present.. but it hasn’t done as much about the future, and the hope in it.. Kevin Kelly attends Cornerstone Church in San Francisco..

connecting intellect and faith.. ideas are very powerful.. ideas are a currency.. there is bite and danger in this religion..

every person here could give an 18-minute talk up here.. I’m very encouraged by this.. collectively, the Body is much bigger.. much more innovative than I thought..

one of the thing about innovation is you have to be ready for constant failure.. failing is not sinful.. it’s part of the creative process.. there are lots of dead ends along the way..

we can’t predict or plan for 1000 years.. but we do have to think there are some things that we want to do that may not fruit until several generations down.. we might need to set the foundation for things that take more than 5 years.. we should do some projects that aren’t even going to show up even within our lifetime..

Mike Foster | be the change @ 12:29pm

incredible stories.. amazing voices.. steller presenters.. leaving here, you may hear from 2 other presenters.. the presenter of discouragement.. I remembered the embarrassment of telling my parents about starting xxxchurch.com ..

one thing I struggle with.. I wake up every morning and go “you’re a loser”.. I love Anne Lamott.. a lot of us are tuned into that station..

another presenter you’ll hear is one who loves you very much.. and that’s the voice I have to choose to hear.. “I love you”.. “I support you”.. listen to that voice, that says “I stand behind you”.. no matter how insignificant that may be.. God believes in us..

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