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January 6, 2007

Thanks to David Park for finding this 1st book review for L2 Foundation’s CONVERSATIONS: Asian American Evangelical Theologies in Formation from a Xanga blogger in his post titled, “read this book“:

Yea. the book is…. Brilliant. Two chapters I would double recommend would be:

Identity Formation in the Second-Generation Korean American Church – Peter Cha
Power Issues in Cross-Cultural Equality Pursuit – James Chien Zo

I think for most of the Young Adults I know; they really struggle with a sense of identity, pursuit and journey. I think the book does not give solid answers to those questions (nor do i believe any book will) but I think it will give people piece of mind when it comes to our culture, and how it’s affected the way we look at Christianity. no matter how white or yellow they might be. I’m sure the title gives it away, but the book reads as if it were a conversation. I kept identifying things that happened in my own life which the authors seem to to talk about, in some ways it’s therapeutic, collective in the sense that I hear them saying, ‘I’ve been through that.’ In some ways, metaphorically speaking *haha I thought of that small voice as my culture, screaming through the layers of my self inflicted oppression. Cause you know were collective like that. Maybe that’s a starting point in which we can all have a conversation about what is going on in our small AA world and places where we need to go.

Special thanks to the InterVarsity Press staffers and volunteers for making copies of our two L2 books available at the Urbana bookstore. At last count, our print-on-demand publication count has just surpassed 500 copies (of both books) in circulation!

Would love to hear your feedback if you’ve gotten one: what did you find helpful? What else would you like to have addressed in a future book or some other way?

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