Survey of English Pastors in Chinese Churches

October 24, 2007

This April 2007 survey, CCCOWE English Task Force Survey 2007: The Needs of English-Speaking Chinese Churches & Their Leaders, gives a broad sampling of insights based on 62 respondents from all over the world — 32 of those responses were from North America (13 from the USA – Southern California and New York, 19 from Canada – Vancouver and Toronto). CCCOWE (Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism) is a mission-centered para-church organization that aims to promote world mission among Chinese churches that is developing partnership with the upcoming English-speaking new generation.

Here’s a few highlights from the survey results, summarized by an Australian blogger:

In April 2007 the CCCOWE English task force conducted a survey of English pastors of Chinese churches from a number of different countries . That survey asked questions about a range of things such as the level of stress they experienced due to challenges in ministry; the attrition rate of English pastors; and the perceived needs in Chinese churches.

One shocking statistic is the attrition rate of English senior pastors and assistant pastors in the Chinese church. In the 2001-2006 period, 163 pastors had left Chinese churches to do ministry elsewhere – that’s about 27 pastors a year!

Take a look at the survey results and graphs at [ht: Andrew Hong]

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