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March 28, 2007

I first met Lee Huang at the L2 Foundation 2004 Leaders Forum in Chicago, and then visited with him in Philadelphia too. He is particularly thoughtful about living out his faith and working out the implications of the Gospel. He rightly noticed a missing link in how Asian Americans can worship well with great music and personal morality, but seemingly lacking in their choice of career for greater Kingdom impact. Here’s an excerpt from his musing titled “True Worship“:

Many young Asian American churches have a reputation for kickin’ worship. In fact, probably the most worshipful jam I’ve participated in over the last five years was at an Asian American Christian leadership conference – the worship team was just embarrassment of musical riches.

What I’m learning is a struggle for those who work with and in such churches is that that devotion does not always translate equally to various parts of Christian discipleship. Too often, the young Asian American congregation is known for spirited worship, singular devotion to God, upright moral living . . . and no discernible change in the career track congregants choose to pursue.

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Related, Andre at Every Square Inch quotes Pastor Tim Keller about work being a place of discipleship more than a private devotional life:

You can’t just disciple people on how to be Christians in their private lives (e.g. prayer, witnessing, Bible study). Center-city people don’t have much of a “private life.” If you are in finance, or art, or acting or medicine, your vocation dominates your life and your time. Discipleship must include how to be distinctively Christian within your job, including how to handle the particular temptations and ethical quandaries, and how to produce work in one’s own field from a distinctly Christian world-view.

What do you think it’d take for people to realize that God created us to do all kinds of vocations, secular and sacred both, and every calling is important because it’s God’s calling?

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