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article on Changing the Metrics

The Asian American Pastors Leadership Community is a 2-year process that’s developing a selected group of Senior Pastors who are next generation Asian Americans (through a strategic partnership between L2 Foundation and Leadership Network). During the group’s first meeting in June 2008, the pastors were interviewed regarding their leadership insights. These interviews have been incorporated […]

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findings on Chinese churches

The Bay Area Chinese Churches Research Project will be reporting its findings at 3 one-day conferences in the San Francisco Bay area this November. Register online before November 3rd for complimentary free access. Here’s 3 highlights of their findings: There are over half a million Chinese in the six Bay Area counties. Between 1990 and […]

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5 insights about Asian American acculturation

From Issue 34 / September 2008 of interTrend Communication‘s Tidbits monthly e-newsletter that brings Asian American consumer insights and market trends: interTrend’s Acculturation Study Reveals Insights into an Emerging Market interTrend Communications has just completed phase one of its pioneering Knowledge Center Asian Acculturation Study, with pan-Asian groups and multi-generational families. The study aims to […]

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Leadership Journal interview with Dave Gibbons

Leadership Journal published this article titled On the Verge, an interview with David Gibbons (by Andy Crouch and Marshall Shelley; Summer 2008). The interview chronicles Dave’s life journey from his upbringing to his segregated college experience, various church experiences, and how his understanding of the Gospel has grown and developed over the years. In 1994, […]

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