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January 16, 2008

Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue wrote this article to better understand Islam and the West. Dr. Jue is Associate Professor of Church History at Westminster Theological Seminary and an advisor of L2 Foundation. Here’s why he wrote the article:

Some have argued that so many courses in church history are unnecessary for students training for ministry, and those precious and limited classroom hours should be devoted to more directly applicable disciplines. However, I am convinced that history is very applicable for helping us understand our own time and place. The editor of TIME magazine put it well in stating the importance of “explaining the challenges of the moment in the context of history – and relating the values of our history to the challenges of the moment.”

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Dr. Jeffrey K. Jue also gave 2 lectures, An Historical Look at Culture (76:46) and America: City Upon a Hill or the Land of Gog and Magog? (79:01). Listen to audios online at wts.edu >>

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