Advisory Council

April 20, 2008

The following serve as advisors to L2 Foundation:

Mr. Stephen Chiu, World Vision

Dr. Ken Fong, Senior Pastor, Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

Dr. Jeffery K. Jue, Assistant Professor of Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary

Mr. Tom Lin, InterVarsity ,

Rev. Wayne Ogimachi, Senior Pastor, Lighthouse Christian Church

Mr. Paul Tokunaga, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Dr. David Wong, Senior Pastor, Washington International Church

Jeanette Yep, Missions Pastor, Grace Chapel

Mr. Lee Yih, President, Layman’s Foundation

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leadership and legacy for Asian Americans

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L2 Foundation (“L-Squared”) is a private foundation that seeks to develop the leadership and legacy of Asian Americans by providing support and resources.

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