How to transition into a multi-ethnic church? Ask anything.

July 15, 2008

To more effectively reach the next generation that’s growing up in an American society that’s more ethnically and racially diverse than ever, many churches are beginning to explore how an existing church that’s mostly homogeneous into one that’s multi-ethnic/ multi-cultural.I recently got this email from Art Lucero, and with his permission, I’m sharing it with you. Now, you (and your friends) can ask your burning questions about how to transition that kind of a transition:

Dear Friends:

My senior pastor, Dr. Jay Pankratz of Sunrise Church in Rialto, CA would like to help churches deal with some of the questions, issues, and or problems they may be facing as they prepare for, or are in the midst of transitioning from a mono-cultural to a multi-cultural ministry.

Please send me a list of any questions, issues, or problems that you would like to receive some input from a leader who successfully transitioned a traditional white Baptist church of just under 400 (98% White) to a progressive, multi-ethnic and multicultural congregation of 4,000 (30% White, 30% African-American, 30% Hispanic, 4% Asian).

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your servant

Art Lucero

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