Korean church launches a multiethnic church

June 27, 2008

This was spotted at ChristianDaily.com — Independent EM with Generous KM Support at First Korean Presbyterian Church of Maryland: Already changed into multiethnic ministry, set up board of elder :

FKPC of Maryland Pastor Eun Woo Park (L) and H.O.P.E. Church Pastor Kyu Hyung Kim (R)

The First Korean Presbyterian Church of Maryland greeting its 35th anniversary the English Ministry was set up independently. The English Ministry that began in 1989 had finance and personnel management begin independently in 1998 and in actuality it has been managed independently from 2002. With the senior pastor newly set up in 2003 as pastor Eun Woo Park the EM received more elasticity and greeting the 35th anniversary is set up completely independent. Currently the EM not only has Koreans but Chinese, Vietnamese, Hispanic that take up 30% of the congregants the ministry direction has already changed into multiethnic ministry.

“Rather than remaining as a English Ministry that is part of Korean it was decided that it would be better to go forward as an independent church, and become a church not only for second generation but also for other ethnicities,” explained senior pastor Park.

Insightful quote in bold was added. Read the entire article for more. The new multiethnic church is named H.O.P.E. (House of Prayer for Everyone) Church, a part of the Atlantic Korean American Presbytery in the PC(USA) National Korean Presbyterian Council.

So encouraging to see a church intentionally reaching out to all the people in its neighboring community. Could this be a great example of a new and healthy trend?

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