Leaders Synergized over Labor Day Weekend

April 20, 2008

The 2004 Leaders Forum brought together some of the brightest emerging leaders and gave them an opportunity to interact and collaborate with other Asian American leaders in their sphere of influence. Leaders were provided the unique opportunity to network and meet potential partners for future world changing endeavors. Musical Artists for this event included Larissa Lam & Phillip Kim. Visual Artists included Henry Lee, Wendy Toda, and Erika Chou. Learn more about L2 Foundation and their leadership development programs at www.L2foundation.org .

Gathering over 80 leaders from all over the country, the 2004 Leaders Forum was a huge success. Taking a cue from the creative side of leadership, the conference challenged the leaders to work in teams and develop real time concepts that potentially could be funded and implemented based on a criteria of regional development or affinity development.

Artist Larissa Lam was instrumental in her music leading to prepare the leaders for the powerful inspiration of #1 best selling author Gus Lee and spiritual teaching by Peter Cha. Breakout groups were intense and full of lively discussion on the plight of Asian Americans and changes that needed to be created.

Executive Director DJ Chuang and Associate Staff Judy Jin pulled together an impressive and fattening weekend hosted at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Chicago, including 5-star meals and a trip to the Chicago Jazz Festival. Most importantly, the high caliber of leaders brought together intense discussion and an open bonding which will hopefully create the network needed to bring about change in our culture.

* article courtesy of Phillip Kim and Aarise.com

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