Live chat on the State of Giving Tues 6/24 at 12 noon Eastern

June 23, 2008

Chronicles of Philanthropy is hosting a live chat discussion online tomorrow, Tuesday 6/24, at 12:00pm Eastern / 9:00am Pacific.

This will be an interactive and informative time, especially for all of us who are involved in the non-profit world. Answering questions and comments will be 3 guests on the live discussion: Melissa S. Brown, the managing editor of Giving USA, an annual study that looks at trends in American philanthropy; Richard Belous is vice president of research for United Way of America in Alexandria, Va.; and, Robert Evans is managing director of The EHL Consulting Group, a fund-raising consulting firm in Willow Grove, Pa.

Here’s the discussion page‘s description:

As the U.S. economy struggles, gas prices rise, and real-estate values drop, nonprofit groups are increasingly feeling the pinch. How are these changes affecting charities, and what do nonprofit leaders need to know about trends in giving?

Experts will be available to take questions about the current giving climate and analyze the trends unveiled in the new edition of Giving USA, the annual tally of U.S. philanthropy, scheduled for release on Monday.

Here’s the description from their news blog:

The sluggish economy is showing its effects on charitable donations, which rose just 1 percent last year after inflation, according to Giving USA, the annual tally of American philanthropy.

Americans donated $306.4-billion in 2007, figures released today show, but fund raising is facing more challenges this year, especially as the housing and financial-services industries continue to crumble, fuel and food costs rise, and the stock market’s volatility strains individuals and organizations across the country. Charities interviewed by The Chronicle report that donors of all types have recently delayed or reduced gifts — or stopped giving altogether

To learn more about how the economy is affecting giving, join us for a live online discussion Tuesday at noon, Eastern time.


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