Mass Exodus in North America

July 9, 2008

Project Contempo is a venture to reach out and support of young Canadian Asians as the church leaders of the next generation. In a blog post by Jackson Chan in Calgary, “Mass Exodus“, he noted that “Many young Canadian Asian Christians are highly competent and successful in their careers but are drifting away from God and church” and explores the reasons behind many young adults leaving church (intergenerational ethnic Asian church implied):

What is causing Gen X to drift away? What are their priorities? What are the criticisms/perceptions that they make of our churches?

“I am too busy with my work and family to make it to church.”
“Our church only cares about our church.”
“Our church is too political.” …

What needs to be done to keep Gen X from drifting away from our churches? What can I do to help?

“We need to build bridges between the generations.”
“The church needs to be more relevant to our current culture.”
“We need to empower Gen X and let them do things their way, not ours.” …

Read the full post and its comment thread.

This suggests that there is much to learn and share across the border between Canada and the United States, in terms of similar challenges to develop leaders in the next generation.

I think there’s been much conversation at noting the trend and diagnosing the causes. It’d be great to hear of working solutions and also lessons learned from things that haven’t quite worked. One solution is to plant new churches led by a next generation pastor that’s able to minister to next generation Asians. But that may not be the only solution.

Please share what’s working well in reaching the next generation, particularly within the intergenerational ethnic Asian church.

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