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June 16, 2008

PaLM’s Ekklesia ministry has a series of articles from John L. Ng‘s reflections and thoughts on doing pastoral work in New York City:

  1. A Diverse Asian Community as Context for Church Ministry
  2. Thinking Through The Identity Issue Among Asian-Americans
  3. Doing Pastoral Work In The Big Apple
  4. Globalization and Its Implication In Asian-American Church Ministry
  5. Envy, Insecurity and Collegiality Among Asian Pastors
  6. Living With Congregants In A Postmodern Environment

Pastoral and Laity Ministries (PaLM) is a ministry catalyst for Asian American churches in the metro New York area, and its Ekklesia ministry provides churches with ministry tools. Rev. Dr. John L. Ng is Associate Director of PaLM’s Ekklesia Ministry, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministries at Alliance Theological Seminary, and Advisory Pastor of New York Chinese Baptist Church.

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