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2 next gen Asian American leaders recognized

Brad Lomenick of Catalyst (described as “a leadership development company in Atlanta“) complies a monthly list of young influencers. Having heard John Maxwell define “leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less,” these lists notes young leaders in our generation. In the mix are two Asian Americans: Charles Lee – Charles is the cultural catalyst and […]

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resourcing English pastors in Toronto and Canada

Dr. Daniel L. Wong (Tyndale University College) has posted a good collection of resources for doing English ministry among Asian Canadians. Particularly, on the web page titled, “Coaching for English Ministry in Chinese Churches,” he lists his ministry experiences and resources, including this paper, “Toward A Theological Foundation for English Ministry in the Canadian Chinese […]

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leadership and legacy for Asian Americans

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L2 Foundation (“L-Squared”) is a private foundation that seeks to develop the leadership and legacy of Asian Americans by providing support and resources.

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