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10 Funding Models for Non-profit Organizations

Sustainability is the one issue that comes up time and again in operating a non-profit organization or ministry organization. While it is not easy to discuss funding and finances especially in faith-based endeavors, they are very much a real world necessity. The Stanford Social Innovation Review (Spring 2009) published this very valuable article, Ten Nonprofit […]

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video channel for Korean American Christians

KAC Media (Korean American Christian Media) is a full serviced and free online networking community focused on the 1.5, 2nd, and 3rd generations of Korean Americans. With a vision of “Redefining Culture Through Faith and Media,” Korean American Christian Media launched in April 2008 as a division of JSTV (a Korean Christian television station) and […]

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interview with Joseph Tsang of Vision Church

We’re continuing our series of interviews with pastors who are a part of the Asian American Pastors Leadership Community. Each of these pastors are leading their own respective multi-Asian/ Multi-ethnic churches, and they show an effective way to reaching the next generations. This is a video interview with Pastor Joseph Tsang of Vision Church in […]

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Weekend conference for 2nd Generation, October 16-18

Here’s an upcoming conference for 2nd generation Asian Americans in the Southern California area called GodFest ’09. Read below for an interview with Pastor Ben Shin, who is one of the speakers for this conference. Godfest ’09: “Celebrating God and His Church” (Link to Facebook event page) Speakers: Sam Park, Ben Shin, and Michael Lee […]

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Your Divine Calling is More Than a Job

This is a clear, concise, and compelling article that describes what God’s personal calling for each of our lives is. Pamela Tuntuni Mukerji is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a Masters candidate in International Relations and International Economics at Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies […]

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