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August 26, 2009

The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC) has published the Asian American Christianity Reader. The book is a joint project with Pacific Asian American and Canadian Christian Education (PAACCE) and ISAAC, compiled for both scholars and church leaders. Whether you are a theological educator, a pastor, a college professor, or para-church staff member, this Reader is a useful introduction to Asian American Christianity. Here is the book’s description:

Asian American Christianity Reader
This textbook is an interdisciplinary collection of scholarly and religious articles about Asian American Christianity, past and present. Its four sections – contexts, sites, identity, and voices – offer in-depth understanding of both Catholic and Protestant traditions, practices, theologies, and faith communities. It also highlights diversity and complexity across lines of gender, generation, denomination, race and ethnicity in Asian American Christianity. Both scholarly and accessible, the essays in this reader will be useful teaching resources for educators and church leaders.

The Reader is 352 pages and costs $28.00. Go to for more information.

The book is organized into four parts: Contexts, Sites, Identity, and Voices. Chapters titles include: Silent Exodus, Patterns in Development of the English Ministry in a Chinese Church, The Search for Asian American Worship, Second-Generation Korean American Evangelicals, Reading the Bible as an Asian American, Biblical Foundations for Ethnic Ministry, and The Future of Asian American Theologies. View the table of contents and preview the book.

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Theresa Ip Froehlich
September 22nd, 2009

As an Asian American Christian who came to faith as an international student in the USA, I am just now beginning to explore my identity as as Asian American. Being in an interracial marriage, I also toggle between two worlds and two cultures. In the end, I find my voice in my identity as a follower of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your work in the study of Asian American Christianity.

Theresa Ip Froehlich
Certified Life Coach, Writer, Pastor

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