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May 12, 2009

At the Asian American Leadership Conversation in Austin (4/29/09), the participants formed 3 small think tank groups to discuss this question, “If you were given $250k, what would you do over the next 3 years to develop more Asian American leaders?”

When I put the question out on twitter to the twittersphere, I (DJ Chuang) got a bunch of replies, as follows:

  • tonytsheng: pay @davegibbons to run an immersive protege mentoring movement
  • pennyhunter: incentives for prof. apprenticeships-real world corp/non prof/ministry exp before HS graduation-vision casting for nxt gen ldrs
  • LongHenry: discover current leaders and tell their story to inspire others
  • soverpeck: set up a trust & fund initiatives off the interest. social network outreach, invest in biz dev, leadership blogs, networking evnts
  • pamchun: Presume you’re talking @ dev AsAm church ldrs. Good but I say dev ldrs takes more than 3y, at least 7.Starts w/youth.
  • DKdanielkim: please give some to the marginalized Asian American songwriters to fund their projects! (i.e. Me)
  • pennyhunter: Are you familiar with YI “Youth Initiative” mostly 1st gen Korean Americans?Zach spoke at their gathering last year.Imprssv. kids.
  • dpark75: with $250k to develop AA leaders, i would create regional cohorts, with summit meetings, to create synergy in every arena, ethnos

What would you do?

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nguyen duong
May 12th, 2009

I would look to create local events that celebrate Asian-Americans in the arts (e.g. music, design, fashion, theater, etc.) and use these opportunities to inspire others and cross-over to general market appeal.

Dave Ingland
May 12th, 2009

I’d try to implement a program that could eventually be more like a cohort as David Park mentioned. One of the things really lacking in Asian-American ministry is a global voice that is willing to mentor others. Dave Gibbons and Francis Chan are prominent AA leaders, but so busy speaking and creating that they aren’t in a position to mentor. We need more mentors to mentor those who will in-turn mentor others.

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