interview with David Kim of The Garden

July 1, 2009

During the next few months, we’ll be interviewing pastors who are a part of the Asian American Pastors Leadership Community, a 2-year peer-learning program made possible through a partnership between L2 Foundation and Leadership Network.

This is an interview with Pastor David Kim of The Garden in Chatsworth, California. The Garden is a 15 year old church that grew out of a college ministry, and continues to reach hundreds of next generation Asian Americans in the Los Angeles area. Watch the video powered by Vimeo:

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Theresa Ip Froehlich
September 22nd, 2009

My heart leaps with joy when I heard Pastor Keng focusing on one-on-one discipleship. Brain scientist John Medina said that all human learning is relational. This then means no discipleship learning will take place unless we are placed in relationships with one another. Focusing on one-on-one might not bring the glamor of large scale events and such but it will bear lasting fruit. My prayer is that the church in America will begin to realize the importance of this emphasis.

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