Key to surviving in a Chinese church

April 28, 2009

Pastor Ying Yee of Chinese Christian Church in Sydney, Australia, wrote this blog post, Serving in a Chinese church – A forgotten key, with his thoughts about serving and surviving in an intergenerational ethnic Chinese church:

So what is the key? Think and act like a cross-cultural missionary! … When I look back over nearly 40 yrs of being in my own church, I think many of my problems came about because I was not thinking like a cross-cultural missionary. … Here are a few simple tips in bite size bits:

a. It means recognising that change is slow and often painful.

b. It means recognising that we actually speak a different language.

c. It means recognising the way I do things may actually turn people off, not because I’m being unbiblical but because I’m being insensitive, so therefore I will learn to do things their way.

d. It means recognising that we value and do things differently but that’s OK.

e. It means that I’m not here to be served but to serve and to give my life to them so that they might grow.

f. It means recognising that it comes at great cost, involving giving up my lifestyle and convenience.

g. It means recognising that while efficiency and effectiveness is everything to us, it might not be so in other cultures

h. It means that while we need to think strategically we still need to look out for the lost sheep.

i. It means recognising that while they might stuff me around, Jesus still loves them so I need to love them even if they do want to hang me on a cross.

j. It means, while I can work effectively and more efficiently within my own culture, there are many outside my culture who need my service and so I’m prepared to cross over in order to bring the gospel to them.

k. It means the key to crossing a culture with the gospel is the CROSS of Jesus, nothing more and nothing less.

Read the full article for Pastor Yee’s complete reflections. Pastor Ying Yee has been attending Chinese Christian Church (Sydney, Australia) for the past 34 yrs of which the last 15 yrs he has been serving as a pastor. His theological education was completed at Moore Theological College in Newtown, Sydney.

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Daniel K. Eng
May 1st, 2009

Thanks, this is a good list. I appreciate Pastor Ying’s humility and insight.

May 4th, 2009

Thanks for pointing us to this article. I can resonate with these points.

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