Obama’s Impact on Philanthropy teleconference 4/28

April 8, 2009

[This may be a helpful & informative resource, especially for those of you in the philanthropic and non-profit arenas. This is not an endorsement.]

Arabella Insights: The Impact of Obama’s First 100 Days on Philanthropy
April 28, 2009, 3:00-4:00 pm Eastern
Dial-in number: (888)201–8018 | Conference ID: #91770817
RSVP (encouraged but not required) to teleconferences@arabellaadvisors.com

Philanthropists and their advisors have had a wait-and-see approach to President Obama’s far-reaching pledges of reform. Now, with his senior leadership team in place, his first budget proposal released and several addresses to the nation under his belt, we have a strong basis for understanding if his promises are translating into action and how philanthropic strategies might adjust to support new initiatives and foster even stronger ideas.

Arabella Insights Teleconference: The Impact of Obama’s First 100 Days on Philanthropy. Several leading authorities and many of our closest partners will discuss proposed changes to the tax code, calls for foundations to partner with the government and initiatives in the President’s priority areas of education, energy and health. Before taking your questions, our experts will share up-to-the-minute news on the latest ideas coming from the White House and offer ideas for how philanthropists could most effectively respond.


Steve Gunderson , President and CEO, Council on Foundations
Tim Walter , CEO, Association of Small Foundations
Andy Rotherham , Co-Director, Education Sector
Jonathan Lash , President, World Resources Institute
Robert Greenstein , Executive Director, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Eric Kessler , Principal and Managing Director, Arabella Advisors (moderator)

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