“Prequel Questions” on Developing New Asian American Leaders from the Austin Conversation on April 29th

May 18, 2009

It seems that prequels are quite popular nowadays, especially given a recent blockbuster movie that has everyone talking.

Recently, a Conversation on the State of Asian American Leadership was held in Austin (4/29/09), a partnership between the L2 Foundation and Vox Veniae.  We’re excited to say that in a few weeks, we’ll be posting the video information as well as a written summary from the various participants and discussions from that day.

As a prequel to the event, the 27 participants were asked 9 intentional questions in advance to arriving in Austin to prepare for the open conversation. Over the next month, I’ll be posting 1 to 2 questions each week to generate discussion and conversation from the broader online Asian American community.  Your thoughts and input are important and I think this will prove to be a valuable on going discussion that we can bring out from the trajectory of our initial thoughts in Austin.

I’ll begin this week with our first two questions.

–  What is actually going on in the Asian American Culture/Movement?  Where is it going?

–  Who else needs to be in on the discussion of the Asian American Movement?  Who outside of church leadership for example?

Please feel free to post your comments below, we welcome you to make them as short or as long as you feel.  Remember, new questions to be posted weekly on Mondays.  Thanks, in advance, for contributing.

Paul Wang

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Kendrick Que
May 25th, 2009

I believe Asian Americans are becoming increasingly assimilated into the melting pot of American culture. The term American no longer refers the original Europeans who first colonized this country. Instead, consider the Asians, East Indians, Mexicans, Middle Easterners that are now residing in most of our nations cities both large and small. The cultural movement of America is already in the vortex of a brave new world of limitless possibilities as various ethnic groups seek to work together, marry, and eventually have offspring who are no longer part of the original ethnic group. Does this mean we need to shed our cultural identities, of course not. It just means that American’s, whether they be from Asian decent or not must be prepared to embrace this intermingling of cultures or else be left in the dust clinging to the ideals of an old world.

As I read the excerpt above, I also believe that in order for Christians to begin the discussion of an “Asian American movement”, we must first acknowledge that the first word in that movement may no longer be necessary. What is necessary is our ability as Asians to work with all types of leaders both in and outside of the church. Leaders in various industries and disciplines who are open-minded enough to challenge the status quo. I would even argue that to have a truly meaningful discussion, you need to bring in people from various Christian denominations and even those with different religions beliefs, or perhaps even those that have no beliefs whatsoever.

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