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June 1, 2009

This week’s discussion questions on Asian American leadership, will tackle the context of both in the church and broadly, outside of the church, looking at some things that may hold back Asian American’s in their development.  Areas of identity issues, perhaps background from a shame and guilt mother culture, and sometimes a grace-less church has described some experiences…what experiences and issues have held you back?  What disparities have caused people you know to stay back in their leadership development?  Looking forward to your thoughts on comments on the questions below.

  • What must Asian Americans break away from in order to move forward?  What are the disparities we must bring together to move forward? 
  • How do we find a way out of guilt and shame?

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Gary Sweeten
June 1st, 2009

For non believers, the demand of true moral guilt is justice. The answer to guilt is Justification.

The result of shame is a loss of face, bwash in Hebrew, a loss of identity and inheritance. The answer in Romans 8 is huotasia; placed as an eldest brother.

For Believing sinners, the result of guilt is a temporary disharmony and the answer to guilt is confession and forgiveness by the Father.

The result of failure for Believers is shame feelings but no eternal shame (loss of identity). The answer is renewing my mind with truth about my position in Christ.

Chronic shame is culturally and psychologically induced.

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