What software works for Chinese churches?

May 13, 2009

We received this question about finding software for Chinese churches. They’re looking for 2 softwares, one for tracking & managing membership, and one for website content:

… We are looking for many software tools and resources that are unique to Asian churches. For example, we are looking for a membership tracking application that supports foreign (Chinese) characters. They seem to exist in the high end market, but not the mid-end. But I feel it may be a just a matter of not having searched far enough.

… We just went through a round looking for established church web developers who could support Chinese on their content management platform and did not find many who could do it. The only two, who we are now talking to, are Elexio and Exirus Creative. So it would be nice to know if any Chinese (or other asian language churches) out are using a web site and platform that they are happy with.

I’m assuming that a multi-lingual software would be useful, one that could handle Chinese and English.

What software do you know of that could work well for a Chinese church? Please add a comment with tips, leads, and suggestions.

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May 13th, 2009

I went through a similar search for our church. For the ChMS we settled with Stafftool , though Ascribe was a close second.

For the church website, Drupal support multilingual sites with i18n . While Drupl is just a framework, there are a number of companies that use Drupal for their work. One that comes to mind is Mustardseed Media .


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