Asian American leaders’ events kick off 2011

January 11, 2011

Three upcoming events that will gather Asian American Christian leaders:

In the metro Washington DC area, on January 24-26, 2011, the second CAARL (Council on Asian-American Reformed Leadership) Conference will explore how the Gospel applies to relationships with an apt theme, “Applying the Gospel to Relationships.” Asian-American reformed pastors and scholars will speak both from their theology and their experience. Together they share decades of pastoral ministry, marriage and family life, and biblical/theological reflection. They do not want to just share general principles but explore some of the particular challenges and opportunities of their Asian-American and multi-ethnic contexts. Speakers include: Jeffrey Jue, Paul Kim, Stephen Ro, Min Joshua Chung, Paul Chang-Ha Lim, and Julius Kim. Listen online to the audios from last year’s CAARL conference.

At Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, on February 7-8, 2011, the second Asian American Equipping Symposium convenes with the theme, “Living Out The Gospel II: Asian American History — The Lost Coin.” Speakers include Eugene Cho, David Yoo, Timothy Tseng, Amos Yong, Grace Yia-Hei Kao, and more.

The second “Living Out the Gospel” symposium will address an important missing dimension in North American Christianity: Asian and Pacific American History. Unless people know where they come from, they will not know who they are and where they are going. Without a shared understanding of the Asian Pacific American (APA) past, there will be no unity in the future of Asian Pacific American Christianity. As the schedule indicates, there will be a special award to honor Dr. Hoover Wong.

In the metro Los Angeles area, on February 24-26, 2011, the Evangelical Formosan Churches of Southern California will host the 2011 North American Bridging Conference: “Gospel-centric leadership in the midst of diversity.” This conference will discuss topics related to why developing cultural intuition is an essential asset for bridging diversity and becoming an effective leader in the immigrant church context. Speakers include Benjamin Shin, Timothy Tseng, Jonathan Tran, James Yu, and more.

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