Korean American Philanthropy Shows Great Potential

February 17, 2011

Recent news about growing philanthropy by Korean Americans is encouraging:

Give2Asia, a leading provider of services for philanthropy to Asia, today is releasing a new study on the giving patterns of Korean Americans. The report, titled “Korean American Philanthropy: Traditions, Trends, and Potential,” draws on Give2Asia’s expertise in working with Asian American donors, in-depth interviews with Korean American donors and advisers, and research on population trends to provide the philanthropic community with new insights into the state of philanthropy among Korean Americans.

… The report examines the Korean American diaspora’s potential for philanthropy and finds that it is increasing as the diaspora accumulates wealth and comes to include a greater number of upwardly mobile American-born individuals. It also explores various traditions of giving among Korean Americans, including informal giving, remittance sending, gye, and church-based giving, and shows that mainstream giving is on the rise.

… The report is publicly available on Give2Asia’s website (www.give2asia.org/korean-american-report). Give2Asia believes that the success of the philanthropic community depends on the funding, execution, and free sharing of impactful research. It hopes that this report will serve as a baseline for additional research and spark a conversation about Korean American philanthropy.

This kind of a report provides exposure to the under-developed capacity of Asian Americans’ ability and capacity to give back to society and making yet greater impact in the world.

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