The Role of the Next Generation in the World

June 13, 2011

Tom Lin (InterVarsity‘s Vice President of Missions and Director of Urbana 2012) presented a talk on “The Role of the Next Generation of the U.S. Church in Global Mission” at a Leadership Consultation to Revitalize & Reshape Evangelism and Missions in the U.S.

Tom noted 3 contributions from the next generation:

  1. Global Engagement РThis student generation thinks and engages globally… The world has become smaller to this student generation
  2. Communal Collaboration – there is a collaborative spirit
  3. Entrepreneurial Action

Tom also identified 3 challenges:

  1. Current financial model of American missions is unsustainable
  2. Learning how to empower and walk alongside global church partners, rather than race ahead with our own agendas
  3. Increasingly dangerous persecution and violent global anti-Americanism

Read the entire transcript from his talk over at Mission America and his postscript at his blog.

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