Hope for the World Through Asian Americans: 4 Unique Gifts We Bring

August 23, 2013

Paul Tokunaga (Vice-President, Director of Strategic Ministries at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA) shared this powerfully encouraging message at the Mt. Hermon JEMS Family Conference in July 2013. [Published here with permission.]Paul Tokunaga

“Hope for the World Through Asian Americans: 4 Unique Gifts Asian Americans Bring”
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And a summary article about this talk was posted by Cyril Nishimoto (Executive Director at Iwa) ::

Paul Tokunaga and the Gift of Community Glue

… He launched into it with an imagined story about his bringing what he thought was a small, insignificant gift to a classy dinner party. But the gift turned out to be an enormous crowd-pleaser and the very thing the hosts were hoping for to make their special evening complete. With that, Paul asserted that Asian Americans have gifts to bring to the party that no one else can bring.

… Contending that Asian Americans have unique gifts to bring to “the party,” Paul identified four: the capacity for developing deep friendships and being “community glue;” wealth (higher personal and household income than the average in the U.S.); intellect and education; and Level 5 leadership.

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