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April 3, 2014

L2 Foundation maintains this events calendar as a public service for the Asian American community.

Past Events by other organizations

November 8, 2014
Asian American Mentoring Conference (La Mirada, CA)
sponsored by Asian American Christian Equippers & Talbot School of Theology

November 3-4, 2014
The 6th Asian American Equipping Symposium
A Christian Vision of Belonging: Race & Gender (Los Angeles, CA)
hosted by The Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity
with Willie James Jennings

October 8-11, 2014
5th National Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (SEALS) conference (Houston, TX)

September 13, 2014
Infuse: Reframing Ministries for Asian Americans in Changing Cultures (El Monte, CA)
Rev. Dr. Ken Fong, Pastor John Lo, Dr. Siang-Yang Tan, Dr. Ben Shin

August 1-3, 2013
Connext Conference (Chicago)
“Step Forward: Embracing God’s Call to Lead”
with Mohan Zachariah, Jake Abraham, T.V. Thomas

October 3-6, 2012
Southeast Asian Leadership Summit: Arise and Shine (Chicago)
hosted by Southeast Asian Catalyst

May 3-5, 2012
Asian Pacific Islander Women’s Leadership Conference 2012: Leadership Over the Long Haul (Los Angeles area)
with Jane Hyun and Kathy Khang
hosted by leaders from AACF, Epic Movement, IVCF, Navigators, and SEAC

December 27-30, 2011
CMC West Coast (San Diego, CA)
with Francis Chan and George Murray
sponsored by Ambassadors for Christ and Chinese Churches Pastor Fellowship of San Diego

July 6-9, 2011
New Awakening Conference (Philadelphia, PA)
a program of Jesus Awakening Movement for America/ All Nations

June 27-29, 2011
Theological Education by Experience (Los Angeles area)
hosted by Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity

June 13-15, 2011
Asian American Ministry Program’s Inaugural Conference: Past, Present and Future (Seattle, WA)
with Timothy Tseng, Peter Cha, Charlene Jin Lee, Soong-Chan Rah, Eugene Cho, Gideon Tsang, Ken Fong, Wayne Ogimachi, Nancy Sugikawa, Paul Kim, J.P. Kang, Bo Lim, David Leong, Billy Vo, and more
hosted by School of Theology at Seattle Pacific University

February 24-26, 2011
2011 North American Bridging Conference: “Gospel-centric leadership in the midst of diversity” (El Monte, CA)
with Benjamin Shin, Timothy Tseng, Jonathan Tran, James Yu, and more
hosted by Evangelical Formosan Churches of Southern California

February 18-21, 2011
World Christian Conference: Beloved (Boulder Creek, CA)
with Viji Nakka-Cammauf, Philip Gee, Arthur Gee

February 11-12, 2011
The South Asian Leadership Training (SALT) conference (Chicago)
with Sam George

February 7-8, 2011
Asian American Equipping Symposium (AAES) — “Living Out The Gospel: Asian American History — The Lost Coin” (Pasadena, CA)
with David Yoo, Timothy Tseng, Charlene Jin Lee, Amos Yong, Grace Yia-Hei Kao, Eugene Cho

January 24-26, 2011
2nd CAARL Conference: “Applying the Gospel to Relationships” (Vienna, VA)
with Jeffrey Jue, Paul Kim, Stephen Ro, Min Joshua Chung, Paul Chang-Ha Lim, and Julius Kim
hosted by Council on Asian-American Reformed Leadership

January 15-18, 2010
Hero: Epic Movement Conference (Philadelphia and San Francisco)
with Drew Hyun (east coast) and Ken Fong (west coast)
hosted by Epic Movement

January 25-27, 2010
EM/CAARL Korean American Pastors’ Conference: “Our History and Our Gospel” (metro Washington DC)
with Stephen Ro, Jeff Jue, Paul Lim, Min Chung, and more
hosted by PCA MNA Korean Ministries and the Council of Asian American Reformed Leadership

February 5-7, 2010
Epic Anthology (Dallas, TX)
with David Choi
hosted by Epic Movement

February 5-7, 2010
Inheritance: Asian Pacific American Student Conference (Milbrae, CA)
with Brad Wong
hosted by InterVarsity’s Pacific Region

February 12-15, 2010
World Christian Conference 2010 (Boulder Creek, CA)
with John Lo, Donna Dong
hosted by World Christian Fellowship

February 26, 2010
South Asian Leadership Training (Chicago, IL)
Cornerstone Movement

March 11-13, 2010
Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (San Jose, CA)
“Deeper Roots, Stronger Shoots”
with Dave Gibbons
hosted by Southeast Asian Committee

April 13, 2010
Asian Americans Building Healthy Churches (Louisville, KY)
with Jeffrey Jue, Julius Kim, Mark Dever, Jeremy Yong
a pre-conference before Together for the Gospel (T4G)

April 24, 2010
Asian American Continuing Education Seminar (Pasadena, CA)
“God is Roomy: Generations, Gender, and the Future of Asian American Ministry”
Sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity and Fuller Theological Seminary

May 28-31, 2010
Lynchburg Chinese Christian Conference (Lynchburg, VA)

June 24-27, 2010
DESTINY Youth and Young Adults Conference (San Jose, CA)

August 20-22, 2010
YexusFest (Milwaukee, WI)
with Bob Roberts, Daniel Yang, Andy Tso, more Hmong Americans

September 25, 2010
Book Launch Party of Mirrored Reflections: Reframing Biblical Characters (Pasadena, CA)
hosted by Asian American Women on Leadership and Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity

October 1-2, 2010
with Ray Chang, Peter Lim
Institute of the Study of Asian American Christianity – Fuller Pacific Northwest Ministry Seminar

October 2, 2010
Passion for the Nations: Asian-American Missions Conference (La Puente, CA)
with James Choung, John Lo, more

October 27, 2010
A Preview of Worship on the Way: Exploring the need for Asian North American Worship (Berkeley, CA)
with Russell Yee, Ph.D.
An Institute of the Study of Asian American Christianity NorCal Research Seminar

November 2-3, 2010
The Multi-Ethnic Church Conference (San Diego, CA)
with Dave Gibbons, Harry Li, and more

November 20, 2010
ISAAC Workshop: Five Cries of Asian American Young Adults (San Jose, CA)
with Dr. Timothy Tseng of Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity
sponsored by Episcopal Amerasia Ministries, Pacific Asian American and Canadian Christian Education

January 16-19, 2009
Epic Conference
East and West Coast
Epic Movement, the Asian American ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

January 26-28, 2009
2009 Korean American Pastors’ Conference (Philadelphia, PA)
“A Gospel-Driven Pastor: Preaching, Leading, and Sacrificing for Christ and His Church” [pdf]
with Phil Ryken, Ted Powers, Stephen Ro, Won Sang Lee
hosted by Korean Ministries in the PCA

February 6-8, 2009
Epic Anthology (Addison, TX)
Epic Movement, the Asian American ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ

February 6-10, 2009
2009 Vietnamese Mission Conference & Pastors’ Conference (Jacksonville, FL)
with Jerry Vines, Junior Hill, Thomas Stebbins, Quang Nguyen, Hue Van Nguyen
full scholarships for the first 50 registrants covering: (1) Registration – $175, (2) Three dinners – $35, (3) Accommodations (transportation and lodging) for Vietnamese American pastors/ministry leaders only [pdf]
hosted by First Baptist Church of Jacksonville and Vietnamese First Baptist Church of Jacksonville

February 16-19, 2009
World Christian Conference 2009: Yield (Occidental, CA)
with Sabastian Huynh, Michele Rickett
hosted by World Christian Fellowship

February 28, 2009
Emerge 2009: Korean-American Ministry Forum (Los Angeles)
with Michael Lee, Sharon Lee, Ben Shin
hosted by Young Nak Celebration Church

March 14, 2009
Passion for the Nations (Irvine, CA)
Southern California Chinese-American Missions Conference
with Dave Gibbons, James Yu, John Lo, and more
coordinated by OMF Int’l, Global Life Enrichment Center, and other partners

May 18-20, 2009
Asian North American Theology and Ministry Consultation (Chicago, IL)
co-sponsored by the Catalyst Leadership Center and the Carl F. H. Henry Center

June 22-26, 2009
Asian Youth Camp – “Take Out” (Tyler, TX)
sponsored by Baptist General Convention of Texas

June 20 – July 31, 2009
Global Leadership Development Institute (Costa Mesa, CA)
for Korean Americans only
a program of Jesus Awakening Movement for America (JAMA)

June 20 – July 4, 2009
R2W Represent to Witness Summer Youth Leadership Institute (Berkeley, CA)
a program of PANA Institute for Leadership Development and Study of Pacific Asian North American Religion, a center of Pacific School of Religion

July 1-5, 2009
New York Summer Conference (Hempstead, NY)
with Ken Fong, Joseph Tsang, Hoon Kim, and more
NYSC has programming for both College & Career and Youth

July 17-19 & July 24-26
Regeneration 2009: Collaborate (July 17-19 in San Jose; July 24-26 in Chicago)
hosted by Regeneration Ministries – next gen Filipino Americans

August 3-6, 2009
J-Gen 2008: Roots (Upland, IN)
a summer youth retreat sponsored by Joshua Generation

August 3-6, 2009
The 12th Korean Worship and Music Conference (Atlanta, GA)

August 4-8, 2009
2009 KASE Conference (Irving, TX)
with Josephine Kim and Eugene Cho
sponsored by Korean American Student Empowerment (KASE) of PCUSA

September 17-19, 2009
Connext 2009 (Chicago)
with Ramesh Richard, Doug Shaw, T.V. Thomas

October 10, 2009
FRESH 2009 (Los Angeles)
with David Crowder and Francis Chan

October 16-18, 2009
Godfest ’09 – “Celebrating God and His Church” (Los Angeles)
with Sam Park, Ben Shin, and Michael Lee

November 2-3, 2009
Asian American Christianity Symposium (Pasadena, CA)
Living out the Gospel: Asian American Contributions and Challenges” [pdf]
with Dr. Jonathan Tran, Associate Professor of Theological Ethics at Baylor University
co-sponsored by Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity and Fuller Theological Seminary

November 14, 2009
Ignite Conference (Atlanta)
with Paul Tokunaga, John Saddington, David Park, and more

November 30 – December 4, 2009
NA-CCOWE English Track: “The Challenges and Future of English Ministries” (Mt. Bethel, PA)
Organized and Sponsored by PALM, CCCOWE-USA, CCCOWE-Canada

December 26-30, 2009
GRACE 2009: When Amazing Happens
The English-speaking community attending Gospel for China Conference
Sponsored by Christian Life Press

December 27-31, 2009
Urbana 09: Students Missions Conference (St. Louis)
hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

June 28, 2008
Explorer’s Conference: Power of the Call (New York City, NY)
a one day conference to explore ministry calling with Steve Chin and Stephen Ro
sponsored by PaLM and ATS Chinese Ministries Program

June 28- August 7, 2008
Global Leadership Development Institute (Philadelphia, PA and Costa Mesa, CA)
40-day intensive training program for Korean Americans
with John C. Kim, Ben Shin, Os Guinness, & more
sponsored by JAMA Global

June 29- July 2, 2008
New Awakening 2008 (Philadelphia, PA)
with Francis Chan, John C. Kim, John Piper, & more
sponsored by JAMA Global

July 2-6, 2008
New York Summer Conference (Hempstead, NY)
with Ken Fong, Dan Hyun, LT Tom, and more
NYSC has programming for both College & Career and Youth

July 5-12, 2008
Taste of Seminary Leadership Seminar (Chicago)
hosted by AADVENT Project of McCormick Theological Seminary

July 10-13, 2008
Roots & Wings 2008 (Atlanta, GA)
with Neal Presa and more
sponsored by National Taiwanese Presbyterian Young Adult Council

July 14-18, 2008
Extreme Makeover: Church Edition (Lakewood, CO)
KASE leadership conference for college students
with Bo Karen Lee and Eric Hoey
sponsored by Korean American Student Empowerment (KASE) of PCUSA

July 21-25, 2008
TAKEOUT Asian Youth Camp (Tyler, TX)
with Rodney Woo and Joey Witham
sponsored by Baptist General Convention of Texas

July 25-26, 2008
Ignite 2008 – conference for college students & young adults (Atlanta, GA)
with Peter Hong, Brian Kim, Starfield, and more
sponsored by AsianAmerican Ministers Network (AMNet)

July 30-August 3, 2008
National South Asian Leadership Institute (SALI) (San Juan Capistrano, CA)
sponsored by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

August 3-8, 2008
BAAYF 2008: Connect summer camp (Occidental, CA)
hosted by Bay Area Asian Youth Fellowship

August 4-5, 2008
English Ministry Pastors Retreat (Danville, CA)
sponsored by The Leadership Connection and Institute for the Study of Asian American Christianity (ISAAC)

August 4-7, 2008
J-Gen 2008: Reaction (Upland, IN)
with Min Chung, Jong Park, Dwight Yoo, and more
a summer youth retreat sponsored by Joshua Generation

August 14-17, 2008
AADVENT Young Adult Retreat 2008 (Chicago)
sponsored by AADVENT Project of McCormick Theological Seminary

September 5-7, 2008
Gathering of South Asian Christian Counselors (Chicago)
hosted by iCare Counseling Network and PARIVAR International

September 19-21, 2008
Emerge 2008: InterVarsity Asian American Student Conference (Atlanta, GA; download PDF of flyer)
with James Choung
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship- Asian American Ministries

October 3-5, 2008
HC3 2008 — Hmong Christian Collegiate Conference (Madison, WI)
with Peter Cha, David Adrianoff
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship- Asian American Ministries

October 18, 2008
More Than Serving Tea: Asian American Women Sharing the Journey (Seattle, WA)
with Kathy Khang
Sponsored by: Seattle Pacific University, Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society, International Students Inc.

October 20-23, 2008
International Prayer Conference for All Nations (Fullerton, CA)
Sponsored by Global Inter-Missions Network

November 7-8, 2008
God, Gender, and Race — A seminar for Asian Americans (Roanoke, VA)
with Kathy Khang
Sponsored by InterVarsity

November 19-22, 2008
Yexus Communitas (Green Lake, WI)
with Bob Roberts, Alan Hirsch, T. Cher Moua, T. Christopher Thao
hosted by Warren Hmong Alliance Church with endorsement by The Hmong District

March 13-15, 2008
2008 Southeast Asian Leadership Summit (Washington, DC)
sponsored by Southeast Asian Committee

March 24-26, 2008
2nd National Asian American Leadership Conference (Los Angeles, CA)
with Ken Fong, David Gibbons, Lisa Espineli Chinn, John Townsend, and more
coordinated by Ministries for English Speaking Asians

April 4-6, 2008
Called Out, Called Forth — Asian American Leadership Conference 
(San Diego, CA)
with Dave Gibbons, Peter Cha, Ken Fong, and more
hosted by San Diego Fellowship of Asian American Ministers and InterVarsity

April 9-11, 2008
Q boutique event (New York City)
with Tim Keller, Louie Giglio, Makoto Fujimura, Dave Gibbons, and more
sponsored by Fermi Project

December 26-30, 2007
Achtung 07: youth program of the CMC (Valley Forge, PA)
with Peter Ong
part of the Chinese Mission Convention 2007 

October-November 2007
2007 Mosaix Conferences (various locations)
with Mark DeYmaz, George Yancey, Rodney Woo, Ed Lee, and more
sponsored by Mosaix Global Network

October 5-7, 2007
Emerging Leaders: Multicultural Ministries Seminar (Schaumburg, IL)
with Mark DeYmaz, Soong-Chan Rah, and Algerome & Teresa Newsome
sponsored by The Salvation Army Multicultural Ministries Bureau

September 26, 2007
LA Gathering for pastors and ministry leaders (Rosemead, CA)
“Revitalizing Churches for New Generations” with DJ Chuang
coordinated by 2008 Asian American Leadership Conference

May 25-27, 2007
EMPOWER ’07 Conference (Chicago, IL)
to share God’s love with North Korea
hosted by REAH International

May 25-28, 2007
Dong Bac Youth Camp 2007 (New Freedom, PA)
hosted by Vietnamese Christian and Missionary Alliance (CMA) Youths of the Northeastern Region

June 1-2, 2007
Southeast Asian Worship Renewal and Leadership Summit  (Richmond, CA)
sponsored by New Urban Voice/The Southeast Asian Committee

June 4-8, 2007
5th annual Takeout Asian Youth Camp (near Waco, TX)
sponsored by Baptist General Convention of Texas

June 23 – July 7, 2007
imagine us: summer youth leadership institute 2007 (Berkeley, CA)
sponsored by Pacific School of Religion

June 24 – August 3, 2007
Global Leadership Development Institute (Costa Mesa, CA)
for Korean-Americans only
sponsored by JAMA

July 12-15, 2007
Spirit of Wholeness in Christ: a Racial Ethnic Multicultural Event (Los Angeles, CA)
sponsored by Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Reformed Church in America, and PCUSA

July 13-14, 2007
VIBE 07 Conference: Way of the Fool (La Mirada, CA)
with Brennan Manning
sponsored by NewSong Church

August 1-5, 2007
South Asian Global Convention (London, UK)
organized by South Asian Connection

August 5-10, 2007
BAAYF Summer Camp
hosted by Bay Area Asian Youth Fellowship

August 9-12, 2007
Respond: conference for Asian American young adults (Chicago, IL)
with Uriah Kim, Stacy Kitahata
hosted by McCormick Theological Seminary’s AADVENT

August 23-26, 2007
Roots & Wings 2007 (Austin, TX)
with Richard Kim
hosted by National Taiwanese Presbyterian Young Adult Council

August 31 – Sept. 3, 2007
57th Annual College & Career Conference (Fishkill, NY)
with Peter Cha
hosted by Eastern Chinese Bible Conference

August 31 – Sept. 3, 2007
10th Annual College and Adult Camp (Saranac Lake, NY)
sponsored by Asian Young Life

September 13-15, 2007
CONNEXT 2007 (Valley Stream, NY)
Gathering of Emerging Leaders of Asian Indian Christians
with T. V. Thomas, Sam George, and more

January 28-30, 2008
English Ministry Pastor’s Conference (Vienna, VA)
hosted by PCA MNA Korean Ministries

February 14-17, 2008
3M Christian Partnerships: Transforming the Marketplace, Ministry, and Marriage (near Denver, CO)
hosted by Layman’s Foundation Inc.

Feb 16-19, 2007
Epic Conference – West Coast (San Jose, CA)
with Jaeson Ma, Tommy Dyo, Vivian Mubani
hosted by Epic Movement (Campus Crusade)

Feb 17, 2007
Emotionally Healthy Spirituality conference (Los Angeles, CA)
with Peter & Geri Scazzero
hosted by Young Nak EM

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