resourcing English pastors in Toronto and Canada

Dr. Daniel L. Wong (Tyndale University College) has posted a good collection of resources for doing English ministry among Asian Canadians. Particularly, on the web page titled, “Coaching for English Ministry in Chinese Churches,” he lists his ministry experiences and resources, including this paper, “Toward A Theological Foundation for English Ministry in the Canadian Chinese […]

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Mass Exodus in North America

Project Contempo is a venture to reach out and support of young Canadian Asians as the church leaders of the next generation. In a blog post by Jackson Chan in Calgary, “Mass Exodus“, he noted that “Many young Canadian Asian Christians are highly competent and successful in their careers but are drifting away from God […]

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A Heart for Canadian Koreans

This excerpt from the NAMB article, A Heart for Canadian Koreans, describes new Korean churches being planted in Canada::

… Baptists in Canada are being encouraged by visionary missions leaders. Pastor Ben Choi, a Korean pastor in Victoria, British Columbia, is one such leader.
No one can deny God’s call in his life. Upon graduating with a […]

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English-speaking ministry in the Chinese church in Canada

This 11-minute video titled “English speaking ministry in the Chinese church” explores the differences between Chinese-speaking overseas-born Chinese and English-speaking Canadian-born Chinese, what is an English speaking ministry in a Chinese church, differences between English-speaking and Chinese-speaking congregations, as well as challenges and solutions for an English-speaking ministry.
According to the video::
In 2001, there were over […]

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reaching young Asian Canadians

This article by Connie Cavanaugh, “Whatever It Takes Churches: A church in Canada helps second-generation Chinese put down some ROOTS,” reiterates the compelling need to reach the next generation with the Gospel::
How does a church “be a church” if few of the people they reach are free to assemble? This is a key question at […]

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reaching Vancouver

Got to catch up with Jeff Wong of Point Grey Community Church out in Vancouver, British Columbia; that’s north of the border in Canada. Jeff’s a gifted musician, worship leader, and pastor I met at L2 Foundation’s inaugural event back in 2001. I recorded a part of our phone conversation– listen in as Jeff shares […]

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